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Wilderness Live: True Princess, She Blasts Interstellar

Wilderness Live: True Princess, She Blasts Interstellar
362 Chapters
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Wilderness Live: True Princess, She Blasts Interstellar

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    Novel Summary

    [Live Streaming + Wilderness Survival + Ancient Wearing Today + Women Dressing Up as Men]

    Mu Qingyun, the number one husband in the capital, was reborn, leaping across the modern age and directly reborn into the interstellar space.

    The fate of the beginning is tragic. As a real princess, she has been occupied by a fake princess for many years. In the end, her parents who gave birth to her still look down on her, saying that they should not come back and lose the face of the royal family?

    Participated in the military academy wilderness trial, but was scolded by the entire Internet for contradicting the princess on the first day.

    In this regard, Mu Qingyun expressed disdain. The fire ability in the right hand rioted with the unique plant ability in the left hand, killing on the island, protecting teammates in the ruins, and spiritual power first, which turned the situation in one fell swoop and completely became popular all over the world.

    One day, Mu Qingyun accidentally did not protect the vest.

    Netizens have fried the pot one after another!

    what! This junk star is so strong, it is still a double ability!

    what! This handsome guy is actually a girl!

    what! It turns out that she is the real princess of the empire!

    At this time, Mu Qingyun looked at the man who had been pretending to be weak in front of her with a sneer. The first commander of the military academy was actually a “weak chicken” in our team.

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