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White Lotus and White Moonlight

White Lotus and White Moonlight
185 Chapters
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White Lotus and White Moonlight

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    Novel Summary

    There is always a person who is three-point similar to the heroine. She loves the heroine to death, but she does everything possible to help the hero and the hero understand each other’s feelings and succeed in cultivation as soon as possible-she is the white lotus substitute Female match.

    There is always such a person, she is the cinnabar in front of the male protagonist’s window. No matter how many people the male protagonist has loved, she can be found in those people. Together-she is the male lead’s Bai Yueguang.
    One day, White Lotus and Bai Yueguang were together.

    Host: Okay, do you both like me?

    Content Tag: Fantasy Space
    Search keywords: protagonists: Zhao Hanhan, Shen Yunshu

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