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When Heartthrob Omega Wears Into the Present World

When Heartthrob Omega Wears Into the Present World
115 Chapters
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When Heartthrob Omega Wears Into the Present World

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    Novel Summary

    The omega Luci, who came to Earth for the first time, thought that she was bound to die, so she indulged once, but unexpectedly discovered that the people on Earth can also delay her fever period, giving her hope of surviving.
    The manager brought her into the set and warned her repeatedly not to mess with Teacher Chi.
    She looked at the beautiful woman, her eyelids twitched slightly, sorry, it’s over.
    Others said that Chi Yinghou was cold and indifferent, a flower of the high mountains, who could only be seen from a distance, but not touched. Thinking of her cramped appearance that day, Lu resigned.
    During the filming, Lu Ci played the role of the high-cold president. His aloof and indifferent demeanor amazed the audience. After the performance, Chi Shuang handed her the sleeve and asked, “Touch my clothes to see if I am the wife of the president.” material?”
    Lu Ci: ………?
    At the awards ceremony, backstage, Chi Shuang blocked her in the dressing room, “Little Luer, I haven’t seen you for so long, do you miss me?”
    The corners of Lu Ci’s eyes twitched slightly, looking at the man’s restless hands, “It’s only been two hours.”
    When seeing that person always trying his best to have intimate contact with him, Lu Ci once thought it was the sequelae caused by her ingesting too much of her own pheromone, and with a little apology, tried to cooperate with her thoughts.
    It was only later that I realized, huh, a certain person’s nature was just revealed ?
    The original point of view is the main subject, but because there are a small amount of mutual attack in the text, it will inevitably cause discomfort, so the point of view is changed to mutual attack.

    Content tags: entertainment circle, slapping face, sweet article, cool article
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Lu Ci, Chi Shuang ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: abo
    One-sentence introduction: Did Teacher Chi see his wife today?
    Conception: The world regards me as worthless, but I bloom like a rose

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