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Watching the Dawn

Watching the Dawn
1725 Chapters
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Watching the Dawn

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    Novel Summary

    The protagonist Lu Yuan, the land of the mainland, far away.

    This is the story of him relying on the world of the Lord God, traveling through different dimensions, and finally saving the imminent immigrant spaceship “Dawn”.

    Fantasy and magnificent Baldur’s gate, battleship battle for the Caribbean, ultra-daily fantasy township, super-expanded academy apocalypse, different biochemical crisis and dependence on heaven, and of course, the “war, eternal war” Jagged Alliance …

    More and more people joined the team of Lu Yuan, Dawn is sailing towards the dawn of the sky.

    This book officially spans 3 million words!

    Have you seen the TV series where the world has been destroyed countless times? Do you know how to transform a reaper into a democratic fighter? Jie Si is actually very cute! There are many ways to fight fleet battles. I like the two most evil ways, mechas and ship-cutting swords … all in mass effect!

    - Description from Qidian


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