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Warm Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies
167 Chapters
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Warm Fuzzies

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    Novel Summary

    The little white fox Xueli, by chance, picked up Zilan, the young master of the Tian Lang clan in the nine layers of heaven, who accidentally fell into the fairyland. Because of the language barrier, the two had a series of ridiculous stories, but in the end they fell in love with each other. A warm and sweet fairy tale, the love story between the big furball Zilan and the little furball Xueli, combined with the background of myths and legends, constructs a lively and cute fantasy story.

    Xueli is a carefree little white fox in the forest, until a big snow wolf falls from the sky one day. The wolf was seriously injured and he couldn’t speak the language of the forest. Xueli went over to take a look curiously, and brought him some food, but the other party followed her. Such a big wolf followed her all day, looked at her, licked her, and forcibly wrapped her in his fur! Xueli was frightened to death, kicked him desperately, slapped him, yelled to go away, but the difference in size was too big, it was useless, waahh…

    Because of the failure of the tribulation, Zilan was forced to transform into the original body of the divine beast, and fell into a small fairyland that was isolated from the world and could not understand the language. However, he did not expect to see the legendary Nine Tail Fox that had disappeared for thousands of years here. The little fox is lively, kind and cute, and he likes her very much. She not only walked around him worriedly, but also brought him fruits to eat and found herbs to heal his injuries. Zilan was deeply moved and decided to reciprocate by acting as a bodyguard for her and keeping her warm at night. He decided to bring the little nine-tailed fox back to the upper fairyland, marry her as his wife, and announce to everyone that she is the love of his life and the treasure of this world.

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