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Vicious Male Partner is a Girl

Vicious Male Partner is a Girl
121 Chapters
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Vicious Male Partner is a Girl

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    Novel Summary

    As the “illegitimate child” of the Shen family, Shen Jun is cunning, ambitious, and good at forbearance. In order to become an official, he had to endure the bullying of Chengjue’s younger brother. Enduring it, he suddenly discovered that the other party’s bullying behavior didn’t seem to be what it appeared on the surface.
    Overturn his wine, the actual wine is poisonous.
    shoot his horse, there is something wrong with the actual horse
    He seems to be contemptuous of him, but actually provides him with opportunities everywhere.
    Shen Juan suddenly felt that his little brother was not that annoying, and even a little…

    Shen Fengzhang is a vicious male supporting role dressed as a woman disguised as a man. When she opened her eyes, she saw that the male lead, who would dominate in the future, was being beaten in an alley by her.
    Looking at that face, she resolutely went up to make amends. From then on, while bullying the male lead, she secretly helped the male lead under the system’s requirements, just waiting to get off the line safely before the male lead ascended the throne.
    Unexpectedly – the hero rebelled ahead of time! Surrounded by elite soldiers, Shen Fengzhang decided to commit suicide in order to avoid being hacked into pieces, but saw the male protagonist grab the dagger, and said convincingly, “I know you did those things because you love me.”
    Shen Fengzhang:? ? ?
    [Small Theater] Everyone knows that when His Majesty was trapped in the shallows, Shen Fengzhang, Lord of Shixing County, insulted him in every possible way. Now that His Majesty is enthroned, in order to please His Majesty, Shen Fengzhang must die! The ministers of the Manchu Dynasty participated in the memorial, and the county magistrate made things difficult. However, the impeachment memorial became thicker and thicker day by day, and His Majesty never said a word. Until one day after Shen Fengzhang asked His Majesty to stand up, His Majesty threw the notebook on the ground, his eyes were cold, “You don’t want to marry! Shen Fengzhang, who do you want me to stand up for?!”
    [Reading Tips]
    1. Keywords: women disguised as men, enemies become lovers
    2. Both the male and female protagonists are not good friends and have no blood relationship
    3. Ambitious, duplicity, black lotus male protagonist X sword slanted, unconventional female protagonist
    Content tags: court marquis wearing books women disguised as men above court
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Shen Fengzhang, Shen Jun ┃ Supporting role: The ancient saying “Nothing but Good-looking” ┃ Others: Women disguise themselves as men, enemies become lovers

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