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Vicious Female Partner is a Genius Doctor

Vicious Female Partner is a Genius Doctor
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Vicious Female Partner is a Genius Doctor

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    Novel Summary

    The new book “I became a national treasure after crossing” has been released, the male and female protagonists are super strong, come and see acridine~

    [The female boss dressed as a vicious female partner, but was spoiled by the blackened boss]

    Ruan Tang was brought to the 1970s by the system, and her family loved her as a treasure.

    Lack of supplies? Her space is full of supplies, and the system can even draw prizes!

    White lotus mother and daughter rushing to die? Teach them to be human again in minutes.

    All the family members have a miserable fate? She wants to build a better future for them.

    Treating illnesses and saving people, slaughtering scumbags in the face. As a result, I accidentally exerted too much force, and all the family members became bosses.

    The only thing that bothered her was that the blackened boss who was reborn always felt that she was coveting his beauty.

    [Group favorite + era + strong female strong male strong + Shuang Jie + Su Shuang without abuse]

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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