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Transcendent Dawn

Transcendent Dawn
862 Chapters
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Transcendent Dawn

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    Novel Summary

    After crossing, I discovered that there is a resurgence in the East and there is a dawn in the West.

    The steam cannon and the mysterious collision, the Western extraordinary gradually awakened.

    [Blasting Master] + [Steam Expert] = [Machinist]
    [Soul Master] + [Swordsman] = [Curse Swordsman]

    A variety of advanced, transfer and hidden professions, as well as never-ending exploration.

    As the mystery of the West gradually unfolded, the ancient gods gradually recovered, and a world full of freshness began to kick off in front of Sulu.

    The old god is recovering, the new god is rising, what should ordinary people do? Fortunately, there is a property panel!

    - Description from uukanshu (translated)


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