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The Whole Country Develops a Different World

The Whole Country Develops a Different World
378 Chapters
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The Whole Country Develops a Different World

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    Novel Summary

    When he woke up, Xia Xuan found himself transmigrating into a different world, the emperor of a constitutional monarchy.

    Xia Xuan originally thought that he could be a mascot honestly and enjoy the glory and wealth, but there was another system in his head? !

    Ding dong!

    A new world has been explored, please confirm the world information as soon as possible.

    “New world?” Xia Xuanyi waved and a black door of space appeared in front of him.

    “Do you enter in the form of a door? This will give you a lot of room for maneuvering.”

    “Come on, give me a call to the Prime Minister of the Cabinet immediately.”

    Ps: Enter “Goblin Slayer” first, and “Scarlet Eyes” and “Life in a Different World from Zero” will be added later

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