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The Villain Always Wants To Kill Me

The Villain Always Wants To Kill Me
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The Villain Always Wants To Kill Me

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    Novel Summary

    After chasing the novel “Fei Bai”, Tao Jingyi was wailed by the setting that the hero is the villain.
    Until she transmigrated into Su Xiyan, the heroine’s tendon broken with sixteen swords in this book, she really cried.

    In the original book setting:
    In front of people, he is a gentleman who is dignified and gentle like jade, the “double master of piano and sword”;
    Empress, he is a ruthless and frightening “ghost boy”;

    Duan Feibai, who is both the hero and the villain, has always taken revenge and paid back a hundredfold,
    So in the original book, Su Xiyan was made into a doll after being shaved 160 times by Duan Feibai!

    Tao Jingyi: Forget it, I’d better escape for a while.
    Hey, but why did the hero collapse after seeing her “dead”?
    What the hell is the “beloved wife” on the tomb?
    It must be that she is reading the novel in the wrong posture!

    Tao Jingyi (beeping in a low voice): Hey, hero, your design is broken!
    Duan Feibai (voice hoarse): There are more severe collapses, do you want to try?

    What to read:
    1. The heroine is soft and sweet (silly and sweet?)
    2. There are big men in women’s clothing haunting
    3. There are other travelers

    Content tags: Enmity between the rivers and lakes, a match made in heaven, traveling through time and space, wearing books
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