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The Universe’s Number One Healing Baby

The Universe’s Number One Healing Baby
225 Chapters
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The Universe’s Number One Healing Baby

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    Novel Summary

    Jian Ning was an orphan with no one to love or care for him. After finally getting married, his partner passed away less than half a year later. Sitting in the cemetery, he hugged his partner’s tombstone and closed his eyes, falling asleep. When he woke up, he had become a little baby, with short arms and legs, and was thrown into a tr*sh can.

    Jian Ning said, “▼_▼” Is being an orphan my fate again?

    Despite being an orphan, Jian Ning had plenty of experience in surviving. He set two goals for himself: 1. To live well. 2. To find his partner and grow up together, not letting his partner become a villain like in their past life.

    However, within the first hour of setting his goals, he was captured by the most notorious gang in the universe and his life was in danger. Within the third hour, he began to slowly forget memories of his husband. Jian Ning thought to himself, “Help! Is there no easy mode in life?”

    Later, before forgetting his partner completely, Jian Ning left a mark about his partner.

    Within the terrifying gang lair, even the skull was replaced with a pink doll, and the walls were painted a warm yellow. The scruffy gang leader clumsily and gently comforted the little baby who had trouble sleeping at night, saying, “Don’t cry, uncle is here.”

    Growing up in the gang’s hideout, Jian Ning had no household registration and no education. The gang uncles worked hard to send him to school in the empire.

    On his first day of school, Jian Ning met a cold and ruthless little prince. The other students were afraid of the little prince, saying that he had unstable mental power and was a little tyrant. However, Jian Ning held the little prince’s hand and familiarly soothed his troubled mental power. Jianning was good at treating mental power at home for his gang uncles.

    The only royal family with the ability to heal mental power in the entire universe was destroyed two hundred years ago. Since then, people who experience mental power madness can only suffer and die in agony.

    Until one day, a young cub with healing abilities appeared. All the bigwigs who were suffering from mental power torture saw hope. The empire’s war god, the federal marshal, and the neighboring country’s leader all came. They said, “I want custody of this cub.”

    The bad-tempered little tyrant prince protected the cub and coldly warned them, “Dream on! He’s mine.”

    Not far away, the surviving members of the royal family who had run from various places appeared one by one. They angrily said, “You little tyrant, you think too highly of yourself! He’s our cub! Give him back!”

    *Everyone is raising cubs, very sweet.

    *There is a reincarnation and the memory of the Gong takes longer to recover.

    - Description from NewNovel.net


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