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The Troubleshooting Diary at Hogwarts

The Troubleshooting Diary at Hogwarts
117 Chapters
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The Troubleshooting Diary at Hogwarts

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    Novel Summary

    This is a 20-year-old fan’s work for love, and the heroine is a very, very typical Gryffindor

    I like Fred very much, so he is a unique male protagonist

    Each academy has its own characteristics, so it is not deliberately black academy

    The daily update has been decided, so everyone can rest assured to collect

    The above is the edible guide, the following is the informal copy

    Joey in Harry Potter

    Jue doesn’t remember any important clues

    Joey is in love with Fred

    Joey Forgets Fred’s Ending

    It doesn’t matter, the whole story is broken anyway, it doesn’t matter if you remember it or not~

    Content tags: Anglo-American derivatives, happy friends, childhood sweethearts, cool text

    Search keywords: Protagonist: Joey Forrest, Fred Weasley ┃ Supporting role: George Weasley, etc. ┃ Others:

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