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The Survival of Scum Readers

The Survival of Scum Readers
47 Chapters
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The Survival of Scum Readers

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    Novel Summary

    There is such a magical novel. It starts with a man-animal, full of boudoir charm (pronounced “heavy taste”), all kinds of sad love (pronounced QJ/LJ/SM), all kinds of XO, OX, OO , XX, singularity, Diablo, abuse of the body, abuse of the heart, abuse to abuse, to abuse, to abuse, to exist for XO and abuse.

    In fact, it used to be a small fresh.

    Until it met a scum reader.

    A chapter chapter message, chapter chapter buy V, chapter chapter explosion thunder, chapter chapter red ticket sister paper.

    She is also good at providing suggestions to the author, forcibly twisting Xiaoqing into a meaty text that is thunderous everywhere.

    Suzha has been very proud of it until she wears this article herself and becomes the female protagonist with big breasts and a fragrant body in it.

    Damn it! I want to be fresh! I don’t want meat anymore!

    This article will enter V next Monday and it will be updated three times that day. Thank you for your support.

    Content tags: supernatural gods, strong women, magical moments, other continents

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