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The Richest Girl Just Started Kindergarten

The Richest Girl Just Started Kindergarten
147 Chapters
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The Richest Girl Just Started Kindergarten

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    Novel Summary

    Before Lu Lu was three years old, everyone believed that the poor orphan’s future would be very challenging.

    Until one day when everyone found out…

    One of the biggest scientists in the research community was Lu Lu’s first uncle.

    The president of a Fortune 500 company turned out to be Lu Lu’s second uncle.

    The most popular actor in the entertainment industry turned out to be Lu Lu’s little uncle.

    First uncle: Because I have devoted all my life to researching science, I have never married, so I will leave all the prize money I won to Lu Lu.

    Second uncle: Except for my company, I won’t give a penny to my son. All of my assets will go towards Lu Lu.

    Third uncle: My wife and I both are rich and have no kids, so all my assets will be given to Lu Lu as well.

    Everyone became curious about the type of magical powers the uncles mentioned about Lu Lu, with her easily receiving over several hundred million dollars worth of assets.

    After a background check, they found: Lu Lu, Female, 3 years old, Imperial International kindergarten, junior class.

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