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The Rebirth of the National Goddess

The Rebirth of the National Goddess

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    Novel Summary

    [Chongwen, Shuangqiang, Shuangwen, Tarot cards, scumbags! 】

    Ten years of marriage, ten years of dedication.

    She devoted all her talents and gave all her feelings, and in the end, she got a long-planned fire.

    Husband mutilated, girlfriend betrayed.

    It turned out that all the people around were people in the play.

    Before her rebirth, she was a prosperous and talented woman who moved the capital.

    After being reborn, she is a prosperous world famous in the capital… a straw bag!

    Moreover, it has also become a destitute daughter who depends on others.

    Cowardly, cowardly, trash, incompetent, these are the many vests attached to her.

    Open your eyes again, the moment of youth, when she becomes her!

    In this life, she returned with her golden finger!

    A deck of tarot cards to play the entire giant!


    Young Master Wushuang, he is the head of the Mo family who is famous in the capital, but mysterious and unpredictable.

    Also a cursed demon.

    Holding life and death in his hand, he dominates the destiny. He is the leader of the supernatural power world.

    The monstrous dignitaries and prosperous beauty have attracted countless girls.

    One is a humble and cowardly swindle, and the other is a ‘devil who moves the capital and is cursed. ’

    The collision of water and fire, the interweaving of cold and heat.

    I don’t know who fell to whom in the end.


    Later, the head of the Mo family, who has never been close to women, suddenly announced the marriage in a high-profile manner.

    The whole country is boiling, and countless girls are heartbroken.

    After marriage, he turned into five good men, doting on his wife like his life, only his wife obeys.

    【small theater】

    A certain woman (indifferent face): “Mr. Mo is rich and powerful, and a little girl can’t afford to be high.”

    The corner of a certain man’s mouth evoked a meaningful arc.

    A certain woman was so frightened that she immediately took a step back: “you, you, what do you want?”


    【Mr. Mo’s Quotations】

    *You have to know that in this world, no one except me is qualified to be side by side with you.

    *This prosperous world is gone, I can still recreate one! And she, the only one in the world, I can’t afford to gamble!

    *It’s just money, even her life is given to her, so waste it.

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