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The Protagonist’s Halo

The Protagonist’s Halo
234 Chapters
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The Protagonist’s Halo

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    Novel Summary

    There are always people called protagonists in the big thousand world

    The protagonist Halo 1: There is no one in a million, a rare talent in a thousand years

    The protagonist Halo 2: Super learning ability

    The protagonist Halo 3: The personality charm of the heartthrob

    Four five six seven…

    But encountering Xiao Han, the protagonists all lost.

    (Yes, Xiao Han is the one with its own luck.)

    1. Su Shuangfeng, abuses no one against the heroine
    2. There is no need to open the hang, the heroine herself is hang> 3. Innate winner (quickly through) the second part, it does not affect the unwatched.

    【Entertainment Vase】——Completed
    【True Love in Chronicles】——Completed
    [I have a halo of Xueba]——completed
    【Princess Spy】——Completed
    【The Rebirth of the Fairy Heroine】——Completed
    [After my girlfriend has traveled through]——completed
    【Standalone Pearl】——Completed
    【Future Boss】——Completed
    【Magic Girl】——Completed
    【Tomb Bride】——Completed
    【The heroine of the rich man】——Completed

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    One sentence introduction: in every world is the existence of a big brother

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