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The Prematurely Deceased Fiance Dressed As a Heroine

The Prematurely Deceased Fiance Dressed As a Heroine
172 Chapters
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The Prematurely Deceased Fiance Dressed As a Heroine

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    Novel Summary

    Wen Fei passed through, and became the fiancé of a stallion heroine who died prematurely.

    Fortunately, she has read novels, but unfortunately, what she read is a fan, or a fan in the American version…

    The fiancé is a woman who pretends to be a man, and the husband is a deceitful marriage. What kind of human suffering is this? !

    Seeing the heroine’s first glance, Wen Fei couldn’t help showing his sympathy.
    Chu Xi who was inexplicably sympathized:? ? ?

    Later, Wen Fei learned that the person who should be sympathized with was himself-facing more than two dozen uncles and a sesame-filled daughter-in-law, it makes people shiver to think about it, although the sesame-filled daughter-in-law is also very fragrant!

    Content tags: near the water, wearing books, women disguised as men, cool text
    Search keywords: protagonist: Wen Fei, Chu Xi Supporting role: pre-collection “When the gold finger meets salted fish” Others: Chuan Shu, gl
    One sentence introduction: Try to live, my wife is mine!
    Purpose: Put aside preconceptions and work together

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