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The Only Person I Bow Down Is Her

The Only Person I Bow Down Is Her
64 Chapters
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The Only Person I Bow Down Is Her

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    Novel Summary

    The day Jane decided to leave, she was stopped by Liang Jingxing as soon as she walked out of the villa.

    “How dare you?”

    “You see, I dare not.” Jane Chu pushed her suitcase and passed him.

    After five years with Liang Jingxing, Jane found out that the man only thought she was “Just playing”. She learned from the pain and made up her mind to leave him.

    One night soon after, Liang Jingxing was waiting at the door of Jane Chu’s new residence and happened to see her taking a male model back.

    “Baby.” Liang Jingxing’s black pupils narrowed dangerously staring at her with smoke between his fingertips, “You’ve played too much, you know?”

    Jane Chu walked towards him, raised her head slightly, and smiled sarcastically, “President Liang, who are you? Dare to control me?”

    At that moment, the famous cynical and domineering man turned a little red in his eyes.

    Later, in order to get Jane back, Liang Jingxing proposed to her for many times, but she refused without exception. He can only follow her around.

    Then, a reporter photographed the two people traveling together in Paris and acting close. He posted it on Weibo with the caption:


    This became trending immediately.

    As soon as Jane woke up, she saw the news and kicked the man beside her unhappily.

    Liang Jingxing woke up from his sleep because of her kick. He took his mobile phone, and quickly sent a document to clarify: It’s the opposite.

    Netizen: “…”

    Liang Jingxing: I’m actually her lover.

    Netizen: “…”

    Putting down the mobile phone, Liang Jingxing took Jane Chu back to his arms, coaxing her: “You see, everyone already knows our relationship. It’s hard to end it without getting married.”

    Jane closed her eyes: “Are you in a hurry?”

    Liang Jingxing: “…:

    Can’t he take it easy? He has already proposed for the nth times!

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