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The Omnipotent Big Shot Refuses His Villain Role

The Omnipotent Big Shot Refuses His Villain Role
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The Omnipotent Big Shot Refuses His Villain Role

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    Novel Summary

    The full-level boss He Xinyan was reborn and became the vicious villain who occupies the magpie’s nest in the group’s favorite real daughter.

    Not only was he squeezed and sucked blood by the He family, but he was also asked to be a new person by the villain’s transformation system.

    The He family sneered: If you leave the He family, you will have nothing.

    The men behind the real daughter also took action to suppress He Xinyan: offend our baby, you should be damned!

    Even aristocratic high schools expelled her: we don’t take students with bad morals.

    System: You have to be gentle and kind in order to be loved and loved.

    Just when everyone was waiting to see the jokes about the fake daughters falling into mud.

    He Xinyan held the counterattack script in hand, slapped her face all the way, and became an unattainable existence for everyone.

    The noble school expelled her, turned around and she was admitted to the best university in the country and became the top student in the college entrance examination;

    The He family relies on her to make a fortune and take back everything, you are not worthy;

    She cleans up the men behind the real daughter one by one, makes the popular stars go to the ground, and makes the domineering president become a bankrupt president.

    When He Xinyan’s identity was revealed and she turned into a daughter of a certain power, when her parents and brother could not wait to spoil her, the villain transformation system was completely silent.


    The noble young master of the Shi family, Shi Lin, has been practicing Buddhism all year round, and he is not stained by the world.

    I had never seen anyone with such ill will as the adopted daughter of the He family.

    He gave her a bottle of medicine for a while, and didn’t expect her to survive.

    See you soon after the results, eh? This fake daughter actually lived a good life. Not only was she alive and well, she was also unparalleled, fighting against the suppression of several giants by herself.

    Shi Lin hooked her lips: Yes, it’s a bit interesting.

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