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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Chapter 480
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Chapter 0480 Everyone was starting to unwind.

I glanced at Nicholas. He was staring hard now into the fire. It made the shadows flicker and dance over the hard plains of his face.

“I wouldn’t want you to be a stranger,” I told him.

He glanced back at me.

“To become strangers means I would have to forget everything that came before this moment.” I smiled at him, genuinely, from the heart. “Every memory with you is a precious one. I'd never want to forget.” Something shifted on his face. He suddenly seemed much more open. He turned to me, opened him mouth and

his arms.

“piper,” he began.

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“Let’s play a game!” Bridget called, bringing us all to attention.

Nicholas’s mouth closed. He looked down.

The moment was gone.

Fifteen minutes later, we were all seated in a small circle beside the bonfire. Bridget, somehow, likely through her superb acting abilities, had managed to convince everyone to take part in this game.

The game she chose? «Pwo truths and a lie,” Bridget said.

“Does everyone know how to play?” Everyone nodded, except for Jessica,

who just looked confused. She glanced at Veronica for answers. The two were becoming fast friends. a3 “We go around the circle and everyone says three things about themselves,” Veronica explained. “They say two truths and one lie but don’t reveal which is which. It’s left to the others to guess.” “Oh. Okay.” «p11 start,” Bridget said. Her smile was bright, though her eyes were a bit glassy. I wasn't sure how many red wines she was in, but I was hopeful that her tipsiness might give the rest of us an advantage in this game. As a trained professional liar, she had a clear leg up over everyone else.

“Go easy on us,” Julian said. He grinned at her. She pretended she

didn’t hear him. He wilted slightly.

“Okay...” she looked around at each of us, and suddenly I began to feel somewhat nervous.

The first person to go usually set the tone for everyone else. When Bridget had suggested the game, she had seemed to be in a good mood, full of marshmallows and wine. Now, she was taking on a more serious expression.

The whole thing began to make me feel very nervous. Maybe this was a really bad idea after all.

“Okay. I'm an actress,” she began.

«That's a truth!” Jessica announced quickly.

Veronica leaned to her. “Wait until she is done, and then guess the lie.”

“Qh, right. Sorry.” Jessica sipped her own boat drink through the curly straw.

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Bridget smiled wider and continued.

Her gaze shifted to Nicholas at my right side. “Iam in love with Prince Nicholas.” My heart twisted uncomfortably in my chest. Was that a truth? Was ita lie? What would be the third thing she said? Then her gaze slid to me. Her smile sharpened.

« am in love with Prince julian.” The air felt sucked from the entire universe. I immediately turned to look at Julian, whose gaze had dropped to the ground.

“Julian,” I whispered, but he shook his

head at me.

Wordlessly, he stood and turned to head inside. i Veronica's face twisted with disgust.

“That was a cruel, callous thing to do.” Bridget looked at her with wide-eyed innocence. “What did I do? It's just a game.” “It’s not just a game to some of us,” I snapped.

That was the wrong thing to do apparently, because Bridget’s smile twitched even wider as soon as I opened my mouth.

«Oh, Piper. I know it's not a game to you. You all want to be mad at me for playing with two men’s hearts, but isn’t that exactly what you are doing,

piper?” I straighten, suddenly feeling sick to 4 my stomach.

“you are openly dating Julian, but strutting around in Nicholas’s clothes,” Bridget’s eyes were as blazing as the bonfire. “Why don’t you tell everyone which of the two you actually love?”