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The Infinite Journey of Cruelty

The Infinite Journey of Cruelty
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The Infinite Journey of Cruelty

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    Novel Summary

    Why is there a person on Mars who is not wearing any protective clothing?

    The Martian: Aliens

    Jason wearing a hockey mask stabbed someone in the back and was cut in half with a backhand? !

    “Friday the 13th: Backstab”

    Kerrigan brought the swarm to the human colony star, and found that countless equally ferocious monsters had already been prepared.

    Zerg Descends: Biochemical Frenzy

    “Ha, why does every time I go to a world, I always encounter some strange things!” Li Wei’s hands turned into dark red claws, provoking Freddy’s small body.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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