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The Host is Dangerous and Charming

The Host is Dangerous and Charming
325 Chapters
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The Host is Dangerous and Charming

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    Novel Summary

    In the spirit of no strategy, Luo Chenyu has been running around in various worlds, live broadcasts counterattacks and slaps his face, and he wants to take the system to the “peak of Tongsheng”.

    But later…

    The soft cute little milk dog opened her innocent and clear eyes and looked at her eagerly: Sister, I will be obedient~

    The sensitive and suspicious prince put the sword against her neck: You can only compensate me for so many years of cruel torture!

    The sickly and perverted demon king gently stroked her face: No matter if you go up to the sky, go down to the yellow spring, or live in the sky, you can only stay by my side.

    The overbearing monarch put the phoenix seal on both hands: I am willing to risk the world and marry you! Would you like to share this great country with me?

    Luo Chenyu: …

    Climb all for Grandpa!


    Someone was secretly jealous, and finally couldn’t help blocking her in the corner.

    The face of the ruthless tyrant has a pair of cute furry ears.

    “You touched my ear, but you have to be responsible for me…”

    Luo Chenyu: Her boss is so cute, it’s terrible!

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