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The Holy Hand Medical Concubine

The Holy Hand Medical Concubine
1797 Chapters
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The Holy Hand Medical Concubine

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    Novel Summary

    She is a genius doctor of both medicine and poison. She once crossed the line and held his life to death, but was entangled by some arrogant and forcibly led her to pass the test and abuse the scumbag! Sheng Chuxin secretly secretly rejoiced, but looking at her little nanny with all five poisons, she silently shed her bitter tears.

    Bei Yehan, the master of the Palace of Li, the terrifying ruler of darkness, was smashed on the head by a cute and ruthless girl. Together, he started the wife-loving mode, and he loved the sky all the way!

    “Mom, run away! Dabao is here to kick the door!” The son kicked the door and entered.

    “Dabao?!” Chu Xin was puzzled.

    “It looks exactly like me outside the door!”

    Beginnings:  …

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