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The Greatest Performer on the Football Field

The Greatest Performer on the Football Field
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The Greatest Performer on the Football Field

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    Novel Summary

    Mourinho: “Sun Wu? Oh, he touches the ball every time on the field is very beautiful, he is the greatest performer on the football field…”

    Reporter: “But Jose, if I remember correctly, you once rated him as a fake fall performer…”

    Guardiola: “Sun Wu? He is a realist. Every time he takes the ball on the court, he has a clear purpose. He doesn’t care about the ornamental value of football at all. Yes, I don’t like him.”

    Reporter: “However, Josep, you once evaluated him as a master pass artist who can be tied with Harvey…”

    Sun Wu: “Fake fall? Performance? Art? These tags are secondary. I just pursue honor and like victory.”

    Friendly reminder: This book does not involve the national team.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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