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The Female Supporting Character is Obsessed with Science

The Female Supporting Character is Obsessed with Science
175 Chapters
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The Female Supporting Character is Obsessed with Science

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    Novel Summary

    After the live streaming system 020 for female supporting character was bound with a host who lost memory, it found the gateway to a new world.

    My goal is the vast starry sky and endless knowledge.

    As for my latest wish, I hope one day I will be able to dismantle the system by my self.

    by: The host who is obsessed with learning

    Please let go of my core program, I am really innocent.

    by: Weak and helpless system

    The first world: the little girl who was bullied in school

    The second world: the faded movie star who was caught up in scandal

    The third world: the daughter of Fortune whose family was ruined

    The fourth world: the fatuous female emperor whose country was going to collapse

    The fifth world: the extremely yin body coveted by ghosts

    The sixth world: the substitute lover who loved the wrong person

    The seventh world: the irresponsible single mother

    The eighth world: the former genius who lost power

    The ninth World: the visitor from the outsider to the world of Xianxia

    Live streaming: the secret of EDVIS Company

    The tenth world: the interstellar deserter who betrayed her country

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