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The Female Partner Who Wears a Book Steals the Halo of the Tyrant

The Female Partner Who Wears a Book Steals the Halo of the Tyrant
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The Female Partner Who Wears a Book Steals the Halo of the Tyrant

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    Novel Summary

    Lian Xi transmigrated into an ancient tyrant’s general essay and became the female supporting role of a wealthy family of the same name.
    The female supporting actress has a beautiful appearance and a prominent family background, but she was forcibly demoted by the plot. Whenever the male and female protagonists need emotionally, she will be pulled out to do things, and she will be slapped in the face again and again, a proper tool person.
    Lianxi: I’m sorry, I have money, looks, and figure. Whoever loves this wise female partner will be the one, and I will say goodbye.
    System: If you don’t complete the [Vicious Female Supporting Team] quest, you will die.
    Designated line 1: [You are also worthy of me to grab a man]
    Lian Xi was driving a Ferrari, and a drifter got off the car and sneered at the boss who was confronting the villain: “You are also worthy of me to grab a man.”
    President: ? ?
    Opposition:  …
    Designated line 2: [Look in the mirror without urinating]
    Lian Xi rushed over with a group of bodyguards and pushed away the boss who was hugging the heroine and kissing him: “Be a hooligan, don’t pee and look in the mirror!”
    President: ? ? ?
    Mistress:  …
    Designated line three: [You think you can beat me]
    Lian Xi was mad, so he directly bought the Oriental Pearl LED advertising screen and played it on a loop: “Oh, Mr. Ba, do you think you can beat me?”
    President: ? ? ? ?
    After finally crushing the original male protagonist, Lian Xi completed the mission of the vicious female supporting role.
    System: Congratulations to the host, the master mode has been successfully activated.
    Lianxi: Huh?
    She took a meaningful look at the villain with eight-pack abs lying on her bed, lit a cigarette afterwards, and threw 500 million: “Sign this contract and let me sleep for five years until I become pregnant with an heir.”
    The villain laughed so innocently: “Want to fuck me?”
    The original hostess: We always want you to look down on you, don’t know what to do!

    Content tags: rich and powerful family system wear book cool text
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Lian Xi ┃ Supporting role: Hengkong ┃ Others: Pre-received “The squeamish concubine wears a book”
    One sentence introduction: drag sister online, kill the Quartet!
    Purpose: Sisters and sisters stand up

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