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The Downfall of the Eldest Miss

The Downfall of the Eldest Miss
60 Chapters
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The Downfall of the Eldest Miss

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    Novel Summary

    This novel is also known as The Lady's Facade was Ruined

    Shen Wanying is 17 years old and is a well-known young lady in the first private high school in a City A.

    She was born in a wealthy family, with excellent grades and gentle personality. Whenever and wherever people see her, she is always elegant and beautiful.

    She is the goddess in the hearts of all the students in the school. She is the class flower, the grade flower and the school flower.

    Until one day, a boy named Huo Cheng came to know all her little secrets——

    He knew that she was tired of learning. He knew that she drank secretly. He even knew that she liked to shake her feet and eat instant noodles!

    The ‘character’ of the perfect eldest lady was broken.

    Shen Wanyng: I’m very distressed.


    The day Huo Cheng died was November 11.

    When he woke up again, he went back to the year when he was 17.

    Everything was strange and familiar.

    He remembered that his beloved wife Shen Wanying killed him.


    “How much do you like me?” Shen Wanying asked Huo Cheng that day

    Huo Cheng looked at her deeply, and finally said, “I like you, and I am willing to give you my life.”

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