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The Apex Pet of the Big Cat

The Apex Pet of the Big Cat
138 Chapters
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The Apex Pet of the Big Cat

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    Novel Summary

    Xia Yu is a fish spirit, relying on his excellent cooking skills to roam the world.
    She has a little secret that no one knows.
    She likes… cats.
    Of course, predators who like themselves can easily be bitten by TAT.
    The failure of the Nth time to hook the cat caused Xia Yu, who was on the road to get vaccinated again, to feel a little melancholy when he touched Mu Tianli.
    She seems to be more attractive than Mu Tianli…
    Vierfa is a ruthless and cruel leader, and no one is not afraid of her.
    According to legend, she is a ferocious beast, tearing up the planet at every turn, and anyone who offends her will be thrown into twelve prisons on the barren planet.
    And in this era when the orcs madly worshipped the pure-blooded nobles, only Valfay stepped onto the throne with coveted absolute violence and terror.
    No one knew where she came from or what her bloodline was. She seemed to be born aloof, looking down at the world with golden eyes like a monarch.
    Any disobedient ministers will be killed without mercy!
    One day, Xia Yu crossed over.
    She met a kitten with stray fur, curled up under the ruins, her sharp claws died prematurely, her body was stained with blood, and she had only a pair of sharp golden pupils, exuding a cold light.
    Xia Yu: “…” I am grass, a beautiful cat from the stars! !
    Verfa: “…”
    Wei Erfa suppressed the violence in her blood.
    The Zerg invaded, and their strength was exhausted. The orcs she guarded were abandoned because she was a miscellaneous cat. !
    This person… also wants to step on her foot?
    Bloodlines are respected? Might as well kill them all! !
    – “Excuse me, can you give me a hug?”
    Wei Erfa, who was forcibly brushed before answering: “???”
    “Why do you look so good-looking!! You are the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen!! I have Mu Tianli, you can play or not… You don’t scratch me, you are so good, ah, ah, ah, ah, I can kiss you –”
    Wei Erfa, who was suddenly kissed forcibly, said: “…………?”
    Later, everyone in the world knew that the ruthless and ruthless commander Weerfa had a lawless little lover who could ride on her head.
    “Master Commander, can I bite your little ear?”
    “Can not.”
    “If you don’t let me play, I’ll go play with other cats.”
    “…don’t go.”
    “Then you play with your ears!”
    The assistant who bumped into the scene where the little lover was riding on the cat-eared commander’s neck, acting coquettishly and pulling his ears: “…”

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