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The Ace Girl of Campus Rebirth

The Ace Girl of Campus Rebirth
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The Ace Girl of Campus Rebirth

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    Novel Summary

    She, the island owner of Shura Island who made the international bigwigs frightened, accidentally became an ordinary high school female student.

    I was arrested by fleeing, and the parents of the other side came to ask for an explanation?

    The study is too bad, and the best relatives belittle the comparison?

    Is my mother married low and has been coldly and contemptuously by my mother’s family for more than ten years?

    Rebirth from the ashes, returning strong, she despised and said: It’s good to send you to hell.

    Shortened version of the introduction: the god who is in charge of all creatures, reborn ordinary high school female students on urban campuses, pretends to be forced, beats faces, abuses scum, and opens plug-ins.


    PS: ①The female lead Shi Tong, and the male lead Yu Xing.

    ② The heroine is a god, who is in charge of all living things. The male lead is the king of the gods and the lord of the gods. Two extremes, but not torture, super sweet and refreshing, the male protagonist pets his wife to heaven, and the female protagonist will not fight back no matter how he beats him. Meng Sao, after chasing the female protagonist for hundreds of millions of years, finally plans to make a move.

    ③ Still abuse the scumbag and open the plug-in, strong women and strong men, the author has a cleanliness, so the 1V1 body and mind are guaranteed to be clean! It’s so clean that I haven’t touched the hands of the opposite sex!

    In addition, I will teach you how to make a magic trick. When you see that the bookshelf at the bottom right is missing, it will change color when you click it~(*^▽^*)Really!

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