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Taoist Master and the Cat

Taoist Master and the Cat
92 Chapters
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Taoist Master and the Cat

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    Novel Summary

    Xie Jingyuan, the master taoist of Qingxu Temple, was reborn into modern times together with the cat demon Su Miaomiao.

    Su Miaomiao: That classmate’s dried fish seems delicious.

    Xie Jingyuan: I’ll buy one for you, don’t steal it.

    Su Miaomiao: It’s raining, Taoist Priest, come here and pick me up.

    Xie Jingyuan: I’m busy.

    Su Miaomiao: It’s okay, a male classmate is willing to drop me at the dormitory.

    Xie Jingyuan: … Send me the location. ·

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