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Scumbags Follow the Good System

Scumbags Follow the Good System
139 Chapters
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Scumbags Follow the Good System

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    Novel Summary

    When choosing the companion system, Congliang did a trick, palace fights, house fights, scumbags, counterattacks, and other systems that seemed to be particularly wasteful of brain cells, and pulled a particularly pure-looking “Scum Girl Congliang System”.

    Being good means being a good person, and being a good person is simple.
    However, after starting the time-travel mission, Cong Liang discovered that her trapping system has another more appropriate name – “Sura Heart Hunting Field”
    In other words, how to make a person who was imprisoned by you, humiliated, beaten, abandoned, abused, ridiculed, betrayed, harmed, exploited… fell in love with you and gave you a sincere kiss?
    Wait online! Very urgent!

    First wear – lame prince
    Second wear – Blind man
    The third wear – juvenile offender with severed finger
    Fourth wear – ghost face fifth uncle
    Fifth wear – one-armed tailor

    【important hint! ! ! 】
    The heroine is a rough man at heart, the hero and the woman got the wrong script series
    Every world I will write seriously, so I may wear it slowly
    As always, all logical common sense comes from the author’s brain hole, all for the service of the target, you are easy to go crazy
    Declined to examine the textual research list, and to take the author’s anger

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