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Rival In Love Says He Must Marry Me

Rival In Love Says He Must Marry Me
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Rival In Love Says He Must Marry Me

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    Novel Summary

    She is the supreme ruler of Godland, but she was reborn as a domineering president disguised as a man.

    The family business has internal and external troubles, and the fiancée still loves her in public.

    Oh, I’m sorry, but I actually came to divorce the engagement. Ling Qianjin’s head is too big, her chest is too flat, her waist is too thick, and her legs are too short, so she is not good enough for me.

    Then, she heard the rival in love who is also the domineering president say to her fiancee: “I think you are not as good-looking as that President Xiao just now.”

    She turned her head and met those dark purple eyes.

    Being a domineering president VS a domineering president…

    Rich, powerful and beautiful, Rong Ye walked more and more smoothly on the broad road that bends himself every day. He felt that his love was great, and he finally crossed the boundaries of gender.


    Mr. Xiao: “I’m sorry, Master Rong, I think our genders don’t match.”

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