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Return of the Dead [Holo]

Return of the Dead [Holo]
230 Chapters
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Return of the Dead [Holo]

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    Novel Summary

    In the fourteenth year of the doomsday like a holographic game, Mo Ran, the top dead master, was cast aside by the three major races of humans, orcs, and elves.
    Genocide? betray? Assassinated? This time, as long as I’m here, it’s impossible.
    Humanity? Elf? Orcs? Take mine and return it, eat mine and spit it out, be prepared to pay the price!
    1. Gamification of doomsday is impossible, gamification of life is impossible, and gamification of doomsday is even more impossible. Don’t point at the background bar.
    2. Both the heroine and the heroine are not good people. Everyone has different positions. They serve the plot. Don’t point at the hero and the heroine.
    3. The author is glass-hearted, and all kinds of abuse will rebound ten times, don’t point at the author!

    Content tags: Rebirth Doomsday Games online games Shuangwen
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Mo Ran ┃ Supporting role: Ming Yuechen ┃ Others: doomsday, holographic, strong
    One sentence introduction: As long as I don’t die, you are all scum.
    Conception: In online games, no matter what adversity, as long as you persevere, you can win.

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