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Rebirth of the Mech Martial God

Rebirth of the Mech Martial God
1117 Chapters
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Rebirth of the Mech Martial God

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    Novel Summary

    The unbeaten Wuwang Nantian of the ancient Wu era was reborn in a class of students in the great era of the Mech, and was also assisted by the Valkyrie system. From then on, the road to the strongest against the sky began!

    With the ancient secret skills, there are also the world of medical skills, above the stars, in the flowers, the children are long! For Nantian, who has system help, omnipotence is king!

    In the face of the magnificent sea of stars, what can a small accountant do?

    In the face of dazzling and tall technical armor, what can an ancient warrior do?

    In this world, Nantian is going to be promoted and made a fortune, and to be the big accountant with the right to the world!

    In this world, Nantian wants to be a fellow practitioner of the same military, and to do the battle of the sky, the invincible starry Mech Martial God!

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