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Please Stop Pretending To Be a Cute Newcomer!

Please Stop Pretending To Be a Cute Newcomer!
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Please Stop Pretending To Be a Cute Newcomer!

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    Novel Summary

    The first step in a tianshi’s retirement plan is to find a place with a beautiful and peaceful scenery. A place with blooming flowers like it’s spring that also has a view of the sea.

    The retired tianshi was pulled into the first level of a horror game. He found a thigh that was thick enough to deal with ghosts and raise the family to higher levels. Meanwhile, his responsibilities will be to care about the flowers and watch the sea in peace.

    Actually, he could kill a ghost with only a single punch on its back. The audience in the live broadcast just wanted to shake his shoulders and shout: please stop pretending to be a cute newcomer!

    Later, under the eyes of the audience, Shen Qingcheng impatiently took out a peach sword [1] and a yellow paper.

    Can’t I just have a normal, peaceful day? Spicy chicken game[2], you ruined my retirement life!

    Thick thigh: ?

    Melodramatic mc who loves to act weak vs silent and steady ml

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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