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Please, He is Really Super Strong!

Please, He is Really Super Strong!
355 Chapters
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Please, He is Really Super Strong!

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    Novel Summary

    On New Year’s Day in 2035, all human abilities awakened, but the invasion of monsters followed.

    Some people say that this is a blessing from the gods, some people say that spiritual power is restored, but no one knows that this is an opportunity and a disaster.

    You Mingzhe looked at the unmatched monster in front of him, and couldn’t help but panic, but a voice came from outside the crowd: “Please, he is really super strong!”

    Seeing an unprecedented force pouring into his body, You Mingzhe turned his head confidently and said, “Brother! You light a cigarette, and before you flick the ashes, I will kill it!”

    In ancient times, there was warm wine to kill Huaxiong, and now there are bombs to destroy monsters!

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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