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Please Call Me Lord God

Please Call Me Lord God
496 Chapters
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Please Call Me Lord God

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    Novel Summary

    Upon waking up, Lu Qi turned into a tentacle monster.
    As a tentacle monster, Lu Qi was not satisfied with using the tentacles to stun the elves, horsewoman, and magical girls. He wanted to learn the evil gods and make some big news in the multiverse.

    “The abyss race never adapts to the environment, anyway, the environment will adapt to us sooner or later, and the same is true of Azeroth.”
    “Humans, don’t play the tech tree anymore, you should add your points to” Spirit Vision “and” Mad Men’s Knowledge ”

    “The inclusion of Godzilla, Quitola, Mozilla, and Ultraman in the” Luxury Lunch of the King’s Plan “is a matter of very little moral quality. Everyone has a responsibility to care for rare species.”
    “Now take the initiative to blast your own worldview, we will give you a Saya sauce for free”

    “Don’t worry about losing the SAN value, you can add a crazy attribute to be negative.”
    “I decided to learn from the predecessors first and set myself a small goal, such as conquering the 6 billion carbon-based monkeys on this planet …”

    - Description from Uukanshu


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