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Our Days of Youth, Beautiful as a Poem

Our Days of Youth, Beautiful as a Poem
146 Chapters
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Our Days of Youth, Beautiful as a Poem

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    Novel Summary

    【Student Qi Cheng, public enemy of the male student population, attention! Hand over the student who sits on the back of your bicycle, Pei Qingfei, and we can still discuss negotiations.】

    After reading the anonymous post on the school discussion board, Qi Cheng rolled up her sleeves and responded with three words.

    【Read –Qi Cheng】

    They’ve lain in the same incubator, slept in the same crib.

    In Qi Cheng’s life, there have only ever been three days without Pei Qingfei’s existence.

    For this whole life, she resolved to tie herself to Pei Qingfei no matter what; even if she turned into a ghost, she refused to let her go.

    By chance, Pei Qingfei felt the same way.

    Top student x top student
    Two childhood friends
    The messy, emotional, picturesque youth of Miss Qi and Maiden Pei

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