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On the Compound Formula of Monsters

On the Compound Formula of Monsters
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On the Compound Formula of Monsters

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    Novel Summary

    Qin Shou descends into the monster movie world, activates the abnormal biosynthesis system, and embarks on the road of real monster-killing upgrades.

    [Marine Iguana]+[Super-Large Size]+[Atomic Reactor]+[Humanoid Adjustment]=[Godzilla]

    Ding! Godzilla is 10% similar and rewards intellectual development.

    【Chimpanzee】+【Large size】+【Intellectual development】=【King Kong】

    Ding! King Kong similarity is 50%, reward King Kong transformation card x1.

    【Bull head】+【antlers】+【crocodile mouth】+【snake body】……+【anti-gravity device】=【Shenlong】

    Ding! The Shenlong similarity is 10%, which rewards high-voltage electric power installations.

    [Dragon head x3]+[Tyrannosaurus body]+[Thunder Dragon Giant Wings]+[High Voltage Power Device]=[Kidola]

    Ding! The similarity of Quidora is 30%, and the space shuttle is rewarded.

    [Space Shuttle Device]+[Terman Beetle]+[Human Shape Adjustment]+[Super-Large Body]=[Hypergerton]

    Ding! The similarity of Hypargerton is 10%, which rewards the light energy converter…

    【Light Energy Converter】+【? ? ? 】=【Diga Ultraman】


    Three hundred years ago, Godzilla, the king of monsters, fought against the King Kong Century…

    Two hundred years ago, the alien pioneer opened the door of space…

    One hundred years ago, the Jurassic theme park became a land of no owner…

    120 years in the new century…

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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