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My Glorious Evolution Simulator

My Glorious Evolution Simulator
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My Glorious Evolution Simulator

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    Novel Summary

    Scientific ideas are used by others, and research results are stolen by others.

    The teacher’s sentence, “The water here is too deep, you can’t hold it” is still in my ears.

    But when his own scientific research results caused a sensation in the federal scientific research community.

    Liang Chaocai discovered that the name of the tutor was actually signed below…


    [The Glorious Evolution Simulator has been credited…Bah…Loaded…]


    [The training is over. 】

    [Choose to redeem the blueprint of the ‘Limb Modification’ plan. 】


    Change from now on! evolution! Upgrade! !

    One day they will call me… the Creator!


    [The Great Grudge Tool Man] → [The First Machine] → [Full Metal Frenzy] → [Steel Torrent] → [Creator]…

    Key words of this book: Mentor Tool Man, Great Resentment Seed, Beginning by Karma, Glorious Evolution, World Upgrade, Yidiandian Ancestral Technology Tree…

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