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My Clone Empire

My Clone Empire
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My Clone Empire

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    Novel Summary

    Unexpectedly, they have the ability to split themselves. One by one split bodies have penetrated into the society. Trust monopolies have appeared all over the world, and a giant group that almost monopolizes all industries in the world has appeared on this blue planet.

    People were born from hospitals owned by Titan Medical all over the world, grew up eating food from Titan Agriculture in Titan Education schools, and worked in Titan Mining that stretched their tentacles to the stars. When they died, they were converted into energy by Titan Energy and sent to millions of households , People’s entire lives will be shrouded in the hands of the Titan Group BOSS.

    Only I can lead mankind into the starry sky in unity! I am the hidden master of this civilization! My split will be everywhere! Their eyes will monitor your every move!

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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