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My Cell Can Infinitely Evolve

My Cell Can Infinitely Evolve
343 Chapters
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My Cell Can Infinitely Evolve

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    Novel Summary

    Luo Fan donated his organs before he died, but accidentally regained consciousness on his eyeballs and gained the ability to infinitely evolve cells.

    [Absorb 1000 joules of energy and evolve level 2 cells]

    [Intestinal evolution is completed, enabling ore transformation ability]

    [Transform the crystal of space to obtain the ability to float in the void]

    [Fusing the ancient dragon scales, the defense power is greatly increased]

    Giant beast, ancient dragon, alien species, evolutionary…

    From a small eyeball, he devoured and evolved step by step, and finally became the god floating in the void.

    A huge eye hung in the sky, staring at the world like the sun.

    Build your own kingdom, patrol your own territory, and create your own world.

    Everything starts with an eyeball…

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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