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Mrs. Waste Wood Exploded Again

Mrs. Waste Wood Exploded Again
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Mrs. Waste Wood Exploded Again

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    Novel Summary

    Rumor has it that Feng Xun, the little girl brought back by the Qin family’s wife, was delusional and dared to give medicine to the little prince, and was stolen and seized.

    Rumor has it that Feng Xun is not good at alchemy, is not good at martial arts, and is incompetent in taming animals. He is no better than her sister Qin Yurou’s talent and intelligence, and countless famous teachers are competing for apprenticeship.

    Rumor has it that after being rejected by the little prince, she gave up on herself and married a lame man.

    In fact…

    “Yesterday, the little prince went to Feng Xun to give him a hug, but was scratched by the kitten from Feng Xun’s house.”

    “Feng Xun was indeed not contested by those famous teachers to become an apprentice, because countless powerful people in the world are vying for her to accept her apprentice.”

    “The lame husband of Feng Xun’s family is not only the most beautiful in the world, but his true identity is…”


    Mo Qianqiu: Thousands of years ago, every time you defeated me, you would be ecstatic. I like to see your proud face, and I would lose to you again and again. Later, when you were gone, I would go back and look for you for a thousand years. In this life, Xun’er Do you have the heart to let me continue to grow old alone?

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