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[Mecha] Heterogeneous Alliance

[Mecha] Heterogeneous Alliance
81 Chapters
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[Mecha] Heterogeneous Alliance

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    Novel Summary

    Blood and sword smashed out of the first empire,
    Steel and coal built up the second empire,
    Science and electroforming formed the Third Reich,
    The Fourth Empire relies on new technology to unify all mankind, conquer the solar system, and move towards the great universe!
    Si Fei: Unfortunately, all empires will be destroyed, and you are no exception
    From a third-class citizen to an ace mecha division, her goal is to bring down the empire!
    Empire General Aiko: What a coincidence, I have wanted to do this for a long time. Wouldn’t it be as big as our teamwork?
    Empire General: (spitting blood three liters) Sin son!

    The atypical mecha division teamed up with the rebellious commander,
    The empire collapsed and the galaxy was bloody.

    ★Interstellar Cruise Guide★
    ①Soft science fiction mecha text, 1V1, HE
    ②Character design of handsome female mecha division x cute empire noble son
    ③The author has focused on small theaters for thirty years √No pit √Soft cute courtship √

    Content Tag: Mecha Women’s Science Fiction
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Si Fei, Su Suye ┃ Supporting actor: Shao Wei, Yang Mian, Tian Jue, Chen Miaomiao, all empire citizens ┃ Others: Mecha, Interstellar, Science Fiction

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