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Long Wind Crossing

Long Wind Crossing
185 Chapters
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Long Wind Crossing

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    Novel Summary

    In order to marry a good husband, Liu Yuru had been a model lady for 15 years; but on the eve of her engagement, she was forced to marry Gu Jiusi, a well-known playboy from Yangzhou.

    To marry such a person was to ruin one’s life.

    Especially because after marriage, she learned that this person was also forced to marry her.

    Liu Yuru was heartbroken, and after locking herself in the room for three days, she came to a realization.

    Marrying such a dandy, why should she remain a perfect young lady?

    So on the third day of marriage, the famously gentle lady shook her hands, carried a knife, and used all her courage to go to the brothel.

    To the drunken Gu Jiusi, she said –

    Get up!

    After that, Gu Jiusi’s life was full of ups and downs.

    Whether he was a miserable dandy or a great official, this woman stood beside him.

    She supported him with her weak and delicate body, and told him, “get up.”

    So even if he was cut to pieces, he would struggle from the mud, grit his teeth, carry her on his back, and walk through this life.

    For the first 15 years of Liu Yuru’s life, she thought she was living only to find a good man.

    It wasn’t until she met Gu Jiusi that she understood that a good man would help you realize that you live only for yourself.

    — May this body of flesh and blood shield her from the wind and rain, protect her dress from dust, and protect her temples from frost.

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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