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Let Me Ruffle Your Fur a Little

Let Me Ruffle Your Fur a Little
84 Chapters
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Let Me Ruffle Your Fur a Little

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    Novel Summary

    ‘He’s so cute I want to kick him flying through the air.’

    Bai Yao runs a seafood restaurant in a seaside town. One day, he saw a small sentient sea otter being bullied.

    Out of pity, he helped out the little sea otter.

    The sea otter acts quite defensively, baring his teeth, all while still covered in wounds yet to heal.

    His way of saying thanks, is gifting Bai Yao an oyster in his pocket that’s been sitting there for who-knows-how-long.

    Bai Yao ends up bringing the wounded and exhausted little sea otter back to his restaurant, giving him food and a shower.

    Though the sea otter is still quite scaredy and defensive. He wouldn’t let Bai Yao rub his cute little face, or even ruffle his fur.

    That’s not all the quirks of the little sea otter either. Bai Yao realised he’s a dummy that didn’t even know how to anthropomorphise.

    Later that day, Bai Yao wakes up in the middle of the night, when there is something soft he’s holding in his hand.

    He looks, and sees the little sea otter has put his paw in his hand. The sleepyhead is also snuggling on him, his head brushing against his chest.

    Not feeling drowsy enough to sleep anymore, Bai Yao just props his head on his arm, watching until the otter finally wakes up.

    When he finally does, he looks around, and sees that it’s Bai Yao; he squeaks, and then nestles his face against the fingers of Bai Yao.

    Amused, Bai Yao asks, “oh? I thought you were a tough little guy that didn’t like petting?”

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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