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Interstellar Rebirth: Mercenary Queen

Interstellar Rebirth: Mercenary Queen
215 Chapters
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Interstellar Rebirth: Mercenary Queen

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    Novel Summary

    She never thought that she could catch up with a certain rebirth trend, and when she woke up again, she was reborn in the interstellar age!

    What? Shadow system? Please! She didn’t want to be a queen!

    What? Is she useless? Stop it! How can she be a weak person!

    Will you be able to return to Earth when you are in the shadows? Ok! As a mercenary in her previous life, she was afraid of being a queen! A certain system smiled coldly, how could it be that simple! What it wants to cultivate is the Almighty Shadow Queen!

    She wanted to return to the earth, but she didn’t want to fall into his love trap step by step.

    What kind of sparks will a cold-hearted alliance queen and a golden general in the alliance have?

    When she knows that her rebirth, system, and abilities are all a huge conspiracy, what should she do!

    This article is a strong male and a strong female, a strong combination, both body and mind are clean, welcome to the pit!

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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