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Infinite Monster Training Camp

Infinite Monster Training Camp
242 Chapters
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Infinite Monster Training Camp

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    Novel Summary

    What can be done in the last month of life? Ding Meng knew the answer.
    Complete impossible tasks again and again in this infinite looping world, and extend his life as much as possible. And the failure of any mission can cause him to be severely punished, and even immediately deprive him of the life time he has finally won.

    Strength, agility, and speed are the three abilities that are indispensable in this world. When Ding Meng, whose index is all zero, becomes a junior adventurer, what does he rely on to accomplish these tasks?

    There are monsters everywhere, and Ding Meng’s only hope is to tame as many monsters as possible while completing the mission and become his right-hand man.
    So Ding Meng gradually got more “partners” by his side: a werewolf, a three-headed hell dog, a vampire…and, a pig…

    There will be more monsters joining his team…

    Ding Meng swears: “As long as I am alive, one day, I will take my monsters to become the strongest judge!”

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