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Immortal Stars

Immortal Stars
652 Chapters
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Immortal Stars

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    Novel Summary

    “The six-legged black red worm, the seventh-order elite insect beast, absorb it, and I should be able to rush to the eighth-order.”

    “The Giant Exploding Thunder Dragon Beast is of bronze-level bloodline, and its size is as large as an asteroid. If I absorb it, I will be able to hit the black hole level immediately!”

    “Hunyuan Bailiexiang, the best among the chaotic spirit beasts, is a tough guy, but as long as I absorb it, my life index will break 10,000…”

    Wang Xu, accidentally got a flame that can devour insects and beasts, transforming energy into its own flame, sweeping all the way from then on, the starry sky is immortal!

    (New book for newcomers, I beg for collection recommendation!!!!)

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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