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I Will Know 18 Kinds of Pig Raising Skills

I Will Know 18 Kinds of Pig Raising Skills

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    Novel Summary

    Have you ever raised kittens and puppies or alien animals?
    Looks like a goose egg, the largest flea in the universe;
    Meatball has a small umbrella on top of his head, defeating cats and dogs to become the best-selling pet in the universe.
    Every time a hair falls out, I cry with tears, the leader of the hair loss dragon world, Yunlong.
    There are also mandala beasts that are kept in flower pots and can apply lipstick by kissing its flowers.
    These are the objects to be raised in spring.
    Chunlai, who is a pig-raising expert in the village, was dumbfounded when she faced these strange alien animals after traveling to the interstellar age.
    She just wants to inherit her family’s pig farm and carry forward the pig business.
    Weibo: Jinjiang Lao Na is vegetarian

    Content Labels: Interstellar Sweet Text Future Overhead Cute Pet
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Chunlai ┃ Supporting roles: Ao Ge, Ah You, Su Ze, Lin Crimson, Thirteen Old Uncles, Luo Bai ┃ Others: Three Hundred Years of Ephemeris
    One sentence introduction: those years of being fed by aliens
    Purpose: to be healed by the alien male protagonist, and to find the warmth in the heart

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